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Posted by cyangorilla - April 20th, 2023

Blasphemous II is coming :D

Look at this gorgeous sequel trailer to the gorgeous Blasphemous.


Posted by cyangorilla - October 5th, 2022



In no particular order, here are some of my favorite works from my feed:

Check out more here! https://cyangorilla.newgrounds.com/favorites/art

See ya next week :D


Posted by cyangorilla - September 19th, 2022

Do you have any questions about art?

If you do, let me know in the replies.

If I see something very specific I'll turn it into a tutorial :D


Posted by cyangorilla - July 7th, 2022

Hi, everyone,

I'm Luciano from Argentina.

I always avoid mentioning topics that relate to politics if I'm wise enough to do so. This time around it's different. This isn't a particular issue on which I may agree or disagree, it's a bit deeper. So bear with me and my incomplete English while I talk about my country from my perspective.

Argentina is currently undergoing a political, institutional, and economic crisis. Many of you might jump to conclusions and say 'Must be because of the pandemic' or 'must be because of the war'. While I can't deny the accelerated pace of this crisis might be, at least partially, influenced by the international landscape, the bulk of it is internal.

On the economics side, the country is in shambles. We've got debts we can't pay, which the government blames on the previous administration, but when you look at it, every single presidency added to it. The current administration has the imports and exports markets HEAVILY regulated, to the point we can't currently access many things to produce. There is also the problem of blocking exports that are highly demanded in the world, since one of our biggest competitors is currently being invaded. So, no money comes in, and a lot of it goes out of the system because nobody here is dumb enough to trust the government won't steal their money (this has happened in the 2001-2002 crisis). Because of political bickering we don't have the second biggest natural gas pool in the world producing any natural gas, we are burning it because the government chose to steal the company away from its previous owners and do nothing with it. In the middle of this, Congress approved a deficit budget, exacerbating the already existing issues. Our currency is basically monopoly money. There is a de-facto bi-monetary system ongoing, where the only thing the Argentine Peso is good for is paying for some goods and services and taxes; it doesn't hold any value (everybody buys USD or ETH or bricks), nor can it buy everything (you buy houses and other things with USD). The Central Bank has such a tight grasp on its meager existing USD reserve that producers can't import parts for their machines, medicines can't be imported, machines can't be brought in, etc, etc, etc. We are being fucked by a bunch of drunk apes with knives.

On the political aspect, the current executive branch is ruled by two groups that formed a coalition who lust for power and hate each other. This coalition is characterized for disregarding the well being of the country as long as they can stay in power via utilizing the dispossessed in their favor.

Institutionally, one of these sides is stoking the flames to overthrow the current president and put the vice president in power. This vice president already held the presidency for two terms and her party lost in 2015. She is characterized for her disdain of the free market, for aggressive monetary emission and foreign currency restrictions, for her affinity for Latin American dictatorships, and for weaponizing poor people to stop her political opponents. She is currently in several trials which she desperately is attempting to avoid, while she tries to modify the court system to get more partisan judges in that would help her slip away from all wrongdoings.

So, what you might see in the news is that at some point between now and the 2023 elections the country goes to shit for real, following on the steps of Cuba and Venezuela. The country is already at 50% of its population living in poverty. A high salary here is worth about 500-700USD. We are poor beyond belief and the current administration only cares about one thing: remain in power by whatever means necessary. I suspect we are going to see a coup d'├ętat or at least a soft version of it, similar of what we saw in 2001, when the people who are currently in power joined forces with the 'opposition' and made the sitting president resign.

Sorry if this bummed you out. My family and I are doing well enough right now, if that's of any consolation.

If any compatriot wants to reply to this calling me names or insulting me for not bowing to the red queen or the fake opposition, I've got this for you: chupame un huevo y mandate a mudar.

Much love.



Hear, mortals, the sacred cry:
"Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!"
Hear the sound of broken chains
See noble equality enthroned.

Their most worthy throne have now opened
The United Provinces of the South.
And the free people of the world reply:
"To the great Argentine people, hail!"
And the free ones of the world reply:
"To the great Argentine people, hail!"

May the laurels be eternal
that we were able to achieve
Let us live crowned in glory

Or let us swear to die with glory!

Or let us swear to die with glory!


Posted by cyangorilla - May 21st, 2022

Free shipping on prints!


At the end of every post of mine there is a big sign that compels you to buy my shit:



That shit now has free shipping.

Buy it.

Much love, Lucyan c:


Posted by cyangorilla - May 17th, 2022


Posted by cyangorilla - May 10th, 2022

Whatever you do, try.

Just don't be mediocre.

The spiral of the Void is formed by our reluctance to try. We empty ourselves into it while avoiding struggle. Death of our spirit follows, mediocrity ensues.

We take refuge in the Void formed of muffled voices all saying the same word, echoing and resonating within the empty hall between our ears. Its sound is deafening but also an oppressive silence that keeps us from moving. The world stops as our death approaches and the notion of speaking grows incomprehensible. We stare blankly into the Void waiting, yearning for an out. Everyone seems to be experiencing the same existential emptiness, most of them are enthralled by it, frantically looking for it to continue.

My eyes widen as whatever is forming in front of them gets closer until it fuses with myself and I see it while it inhabits my mind. It digs deeper than any thought I've ever conjured and unclogs my brain, every single idea that has been muted by the Void pouring out. The air cracks and breaks the silence as every sound hits me at the same time. I breathe out and fill my lungs with air for the first time in hours. I look around and the world is beautiful and filled to the brim with things to love.

The Void looms in the corner, waiting for me to forget how it feels when I let it into my life.

We give ourselves to the Entity of Trying so we may keep struggling.

Book of Nightmares, 1, 1


Posted by cyangorilla - April 13th, 2022

Should the Art portal have a Blam system?

Given that the art portal is way more active now than when it was implemented (correct me there if I'm wrong), is there a justification for it not having the same system as Movies and Games?

I think it should. I enjoy going through the portal and finding new artists constantly. I even go in the Undiscovered section and scout people who I think should be seen more. Thing is, there are days where the portal is filled with low effort sketches (which shouldn't even be there), variation spam, upload barrages from the same artist, etc. Given that the portal has 4 items per row it's easy to miss work that is buried under tons of pieces.

If you want to be less drastic, you could even have it so 'Blammed' posts are simply removed from the portal but not the profile.

I understand there is always going to be more content in the art portal due to the time it takes to make it. That said, I think the Blam/Save system makes a ton of sense to avoid saturation. Calibration would be needed because the Art portal has generally higher scores than the other portals, so there is that issue to solve I guess.


It could even be like other sites, where there is a Blam/Save system for you first few posts and after you passed 5 or so times, you post directly to the site.

And btw, I don't like the scouting system, I think the Blam/Save system should ultimately replace it completely.


Posted by cyangorilla - March 28th, 2022

One Piece 1044 gave me sad

Beloved manga I've read for 15 years has fallen into the worst shonen trap.


So, One Piece is in the same group as Naruto, Bleach, and DB now, where the main character becomes a God out of nowhere and receives power up after power up to catch up with the power level the story requires. The mundane Gum Gum Fruit is now the Sun God Fruit, which undermines so much of what Luffy accomplished with it. He isn't resourceful anymore, he is a God. He isn't the chaotic disruptive force that has to try hard to beat the obstacles to his dream, he gets the power up because he lost and he shouldn't lose.

I've seen people celebrating this, and I don't really get it. The manga will now commence its last stretch, where Luffy is on the level of Kaido, BM, and probably Shanks because he activated his DLC buff.

Awakening was a shit thing to add to the story, but this... this is absolute garbage.


Posted by cyangorilla - February 20th, 2022

This is a tutorial on Thing

I'll present it assertively and reasonably so you think it's the right way of doing Thing.

Here is the body of the tutorial, where I rip-off every other tutorial I've read on Thing and present it to you without citing my sources. This way I look better and the material seems more novel, even if I'm just rehashing what an artist said 100 years ago, and whose materials are better narrated and easily accessible through the internet.

In this part I also make mistakes or assumptions I've not studied properly, but that people who read this won't be able to notice. It's not my fault if the people I'm ripping-off were wrong.

Here, have some shaming into not doing things the way I claim they should be done, it's not like there is hundreds of thousands of artist who have never ever even heard of this information and are doing just fine.

That's all for today. Please refrain from pointing out how this tutorial contradicts the way I do Thing and how its contents are only the result of trying to find something to say that doesn't make me look like the fraud I am.

Thank you! And keeeeeep on practicing!