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Post-news regret

Just like with post-nut regret, don't you ever think 'why did I even open this site' after reading the news for any amount of time?

Every single time I read any news sites, news related twitter accounts, or get a whatsapp message with some news in it, they offer little to no relevant information for my daily life and make me feel worse.

What's the point? Why do I even go back? I don't understand it, really. It's garbage. It's like eating rotten food, it offers no benefits. It's portrayed as 'relevant information' but it never is. In reality my life was better without that information, and the information was probably wrong or biased anyway.

More and more of it seems to be trying to make me feel worse. Or to feel something toward people ('hate this group', 'follow this other group'). It's not information, it's marketing and opinion. And my problems are the same, outside of anything they present: what do I have to send to clients today? what will I make for dinner? will I go to the gym? will we hangout a bit with my gf? is my family alright? are my in-laws alright? will the Nuggets play? does the bird nesting outside have enough food? ...

Why do I add outside garbage to that? What the hell do I care about someone being mad at Elon Musk? or who does what in a country I'll never visit?

What do I care if some politician says anything at all? their job is to pretend they are capable for managing something they can't begin to understand...

'But your life is affected by these things'

Is it, really? And if it is, how does having second hand knowledge about it help me to reduce how much it affects my life? Can I really do something with the information presented or should I just feel doom and gloom? How useful is it for me to know a 5 year-old was murdered by his mom and her gf? or how a 3 year-old was murdered by her grandmother? or how a 20-something-year-old was killed after someone took his car and crashed it with him on top? or how the same people who've been in some branch of power for decades now have all the answers?

So, whenever I'm done reading the news I always think 'now I feel worse, ashamed, and with no idea on why I even did it'. I should probably just quit it, since it's shit anyway.

(this is not a partisan position; left, right, center, official communications, unofficial channels, conspiracy theorists on every side, insane wackos that seem to change positions on everything every 5 minutes, hypocrites, honest people, fact checkers [these are the worst, honestly], saints, and demons... and yes, goblins too)




Just let me know the nature of the project and what would be required of me. If it's a paid gig, details below, if not, just message me about it and I'll reply as soon as I can.

If you want to hire me, here is a list of prices so you have a ballpark, these can be negotiated and stuff (for example, if the project is a long term thing).