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Posted by cyangorilla - May 8th, 2020

How to ask for a critique?

by cyangorilla

Hey everyone, I go on the art forum often to see if there is people asking for help with their pieces or for general critiques on their work. In fact, I made a post last year, where I did my best to do in-depth critiques. It sort of fell out of use, as people tend to prefer a post for their own art.

In these threads I generally see one of these:

  1. Hey, I want to be good, how? [no image]
  2. What do I improve in this drawing? [image]
  3. Hey, these are my last 3 pieces, what should I improve? [images]

In case 1, you are not giving anything and you'll receive generic answers that might not help you at all. I case 2, you are providing an image, which is better, but you are still being vague. In case 3, you are asking for too much at once and will get less in return (either people will focus on one piece only or provide general answers that sort of apply to all), there is a lack of focus again.

In all of the cases there are two crucial elements missing:

The goal and the focus

The aspiring anime artist has a completely different goal from the aspiring Magic the Gathering artist. They will also have different focal elements for each of their pieces. This doesn't mean that both of them don't have overlapping areas to improve, as is generally the case with fundamentals.

To express your goal, you can use another artist or artwork ("I want my pieces to look more like this"), or you can state the general style you want: "My goal is to make work that looks photorealistic". Avoid using vague sentences like "I want to draw anime", Akira is anime just as much as Lucky Star is.

To pin down the focus, be as specific as you can. For example:

"When I was drawing this I could not, for the life of me, figure out the way to draw the arms, what lines should I draw? how do the muscles look in this pose?"

"How should I change the lighting to achieve something similar to [goal]?"

"How well are my colors working, keeping in mind that I'm striving for something similar to [goal]?"

"Are my values right?"

"Are the materials distinct?"

"What elements in this piece should be improved upon, if my goal is [goal]?"



Posted by cyangorilla - May 6th, 2020

Favs from my Favs - Week 3

40 days "quarantine" has come and gone... except it keeps going

Hey everyone!

Not a lot happened this week in my life, but art keeps coming!

First-off, happy belated birthday Tom Fulp! Hope you had a great time with your loved ones ^-^

I'll be a bit more selective this week to avoid having a giant list.

The strange mind of PlantPotPerson has reached the portal!

Joifish brought us a bit of a joyful time with friends, in these times apart from everyone

Star Wars may be dead as fuck with all the Disney TOMfool(p)ery, but we can all commemorate its life ever May 4. Thank you MechaBrain for this nice reminder of the good stuff.

DoomJelly keeps impressing me with every pixel art char design they post!

Painterly anime is always the right way to go, and TheLysProject is out to prove it (?

Aeka is back with new stuff!

Glp-hextech keeps digging into my head the limitless potential of pixel art

I just saw a pic by nakatan-the-seer that put a smile on my face

Dannny123's short animations are getting cooler and cooler!

And the last one: DarkSoulMonster giving us a small painting to dream of better days

Now, I've been working on some stuff during the week, of which I can only show this (because the rest is shit) :D





(awesome pixel gorilla by BigBossErndog)



Posted by cyangorilla - April 28th, 2020

Favs from my Favs - Week 2

First-off, my absolutely favorite thing from this week

Same as last week, I'll be choosing posts under 100 views from people I follow. Some might be NSFW or "NSF being at home with your family around", so check the ratings!

Some are not scouted yet, so if you feel they deserve it, please offer a scout. I think a lot of people don't even know about the scouting system, and see the message as spam and disregard it (I've gotten this reply in the past). So maybe leave a review with a line to let them know.

Let's begin, then!

I love love love the way the Nazg├╗l-bird looks!





Posted by cyangorilla - April 24th, 2020



This week I got to commission BigBossErndog to make a small idle cyan gorilla sprite animation. Little did I know it would be THIS awesome and that I would fall in love with it so much. So, please consider him if you are in the market for pixel animations or games.

You see, I'm one of those people who is very wasteful in art, so whenever I see someone use a 32x32 grid to make something this cool, I get super excited!

I wish I could turn myself into 10 different people and have all of us work on stuff. My life would be way easier... or I would procrastinate 10 times more, who knows.



Posted by cyangorilla - April 21st, 2020

I feel there are a lot of artists getting buried in the E and T portal, mostly by "sfw" versions of pieces in the M and A one. There are also M and A artists who get little attention because they don't do the same boring pinups of the same characters in a style that screams "Sakimi-Chan". Of this latter group I'll mostly recommend SFW pieces, but check the ratings before clicking.

Btw, covering half a nipple doesn't change your piece from M to E.

Now let's begin.



Posted by cyangorilla - January 31st, 2020

Hey! Go follow @notbuckler

Fucking great stuff

Posted by cyangorilla - January 16th, 2020

My gallery is getting its own lore



Posted by cyangorilla - April 2nd, 2019

Hey everybody, how are ya?

First things first, I'm super happy to announce my Koloss is now part of the Coppermind, the Brandon Sanderson wiki. You don't know this, but Sanderson is my favorite writer, The Stormlight Archive is pretty much my personal bible, and I love everything Cosmere. So this really lifted my spirits.

Also, during the month of April I'm slashing 30% off all my prices (which you may find here). Contact me via message or email if you are interested, or if you think someone might be please send them my way :)

Much love,



Posted by cyangorilla - March 9th, 2019

I'll be orienting my efforts into getting certain elements right from now on. I've never been happy with faces, even with artists I thoroughly enjoy.

Have a sketch :o


Commissions still open btw.


Posted by cyangorilla - March 7th, 2019

I'm trying new stuff out, getting to an aesthetic I enjoy more :oiu_11668_6108109.jpg